Queer Boxing Pilot 
Hooks Nashville

The 52nd Nashville Film Festival Sep. 30 - Oct. 6, 2021

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Kamy Bruder as 'André, the worlds first know gay boxer. 

By, Brock Cravy

September 01, 2021


Brock Cravy's André, the fictional story of the world's first known gay boxer, has advanced to the finals at the Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition (where it will be workshopped)  and the semi-finals at the Flicker's Rhode Island International Film Festival.


André is a tragic tale that takes place in Paris the night before the world championships, where the super middleweight champion, André Levessaure, is maliciously outed - causing hysteria amongst fans, leading to the televised murder of the champion's deceitful lover. 

The significance of the script, if produced, cannot be understated, as André would be the only queer sports drama available on any platform, anywhere, and one of only a few performed in English. 

" This is actually a project I was really excited about; something that's missing from the market. "
- Cat Stewart, Screenplay Competition Manager, Nashville Film Festival

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