We'd Like to Shoot the
Flamethrower Now.

A Call for LGBTQ+ Representation in Horror & Sci-fi Films.


Sigourney Weaver plays Lt. Ripley in 'Aliens' (1986), Hollywoods first female action hero.


By Brock Cravy

March 10, 2019



LGBTQ films have come a long way recently, and though this fact should indeed be celebrated, there is still a significant hurdle that we have yet to leap as a movement. This hurdle is stifling our creative ability, confining us into boxes that aren’t universal, and limiting our presence in some of the most celebrated genres in film history.

Where are the LGBTQ horror films or sci-fi films? Where are all the gay action heroes? In the world we live in, most people accept that valor and honor are not bound, set, or defined by the gender that a person identifies with or loves, so why should we keep films from the same level of progress that society has primarily made?

This is a call for representation of the LGBTQ community from directors and producers; it’s time to put your influence to action.

For decades, the movies that celebrate or even show this movement have fallen into one of a few categories. No matter their gender or preference, all humans are more than their suffering, and they are far more than the basic animalistic desires that all creatures experience. Humans are rich and complex beings, full of a wealth of knowledge and emotion, and all of us, including the LGBTQ+ community, deserve to be appropriately represented.

Picture for a moment a character named “Sigourney.” This character is the default example of an action hero; charming, capable, knowledgeable, and firm in creating a better world. Now picture that this character is gay. There is no difference between these two characters, except for their sexual orientation, and they can both be portrayed the same way on screen, even played by the same actor.

One of the many purposes of film is to celebrate the rich diversity of the human experience. There are countless ways to view the world, and film offers an incredible insight into personally foreign concepts, an essential aspect of learning and growing as a living being on Earth. The LGBTQ+ community should be just as celebrated and recorded as any other community.

Instead of simply exploring the stereotypes and worn ideas that have represented the LGBTQ movement throughout film, why not shoot larger? Why not be among the first to produce a gay sci-fi so legendary that it will rival any genre classic? Why not take the chance and direct a transgender horror tale, cementing a place in film history by representing the characters in realistic ways?

Cinema has been a mirror of society throughout its entire existence, progressing at impressive and inspiring rates. There’s no need for stories m to exclude realistic and unique views of LGBTQ+ characters and worlds. By choosing to tell these stories, we can help content the world over properly celebrate and represent a rich, diverse community; our fam.